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Elementary School Principal

Kellie Ebenstein

System 44 Administrator, Upper Elementary

Midland, TX

"Students who had given up are walking around with their heads held high. Experiencing success has changed their attitude about school and they're using the skills they developed in   System 44 in other classes...they realize they are smart."

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Elementary School Educator


"System 44 has given my students the ability to hold their head up high, and it gives them self-esteem they never had," Garcia enthuses. Her students are equally enthusiastic about her.

Gloria Garcia

System 44

2013 Scholastic Outstanding Educator

San Antonio, TX

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High School Educator


"The growth of my students over the seven years I've taught READ 180 is a story of empowerment to turn one's own life around." 

Tina Burnsworth

Read 180, Stage C

2013 Outstanding Educator

Virginia Beach, VA

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Elementary School Educator


"It is uplifting to use a program and get to teach it in a manner that brings success to every student. I love to come to school every day!" 

Dan Kane

READ 180, Stage A

2013 Scholastic Outstanding Educator

Westfield, MA

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